letting them do so could cost you

If you have children, you may let them play with your tablet or smart phone. But letting them do so could cost you.

A new survey from CompareCards found that 29 percent of parents have had their children under age 18 use their credit or debit cards without their permission.

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Those purchases could be prompted by a seemingly innocent activity: your child’s activity on a mobile device. If they click and enter a password, a new app, video game or other feature is theirs — but the bill is all yours.

„A lot of parents can get in trouble because their kid just kind of goes to town,“ said Matt Schulz, credit expert at CompareCards.

That comes as parents grapple with how to best guide their children with money. The survey found that 52 percent of Americans have let their children ages 18 and younger borrow their credit card or debit card to buy something online.

And 48 percent of respondents said they regretted that decision.

Men were more likely than women to feel that remorse; they were also more likely to say they were caught off guard by unexpected purchases their children made.

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CompareCards‘ online survey, undertaken in October, included 807 adults with children 18 and under.

The survey findings point to a need for families to have more direct communication about money, Schulz said.

„It’s really important that folks have those conversations with their kids and set the boundaries, set the guidelines and make sure the kid knows what’s going to happen if they drop the ball,“ Schulz said.

Adding your child as an authorized user of your credit card can be a good idea and help provide valuable money lessons, said financial advisor Roger Ma, founder of Lifelaidout.

The key is to set specific guidelines, Ma said. That includes identifying the situations in which they are allowed to use the card, the maximum amount they are allowed to spend per month, who will be responsible for paying off the balance each month and what the consequences will be if they do not follow those rules.

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To better track their activity, parents may want to consider adding their children to a new card or one they do not use as often.

„Adding a child as an authorized user could be a good way to increase a child’s financial literacy, and potentially their credit score, as long as the proper expectations are set and communicated up front,“ Ma said.

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which if properly supervised and monitored

Australian Consumer Confidence

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Which makes us relatively unique relative

“The top four banks in this country are charging $6.4BN in bank fees — whether they’re late fees or overdraft fees — and so I have to imagine, I don’t any data to prove this, that that money is coming from some of the most vulnerable parts of our culture,” he continues.

“And so these folks, they’re very sensitive to two things: one is the actual timing of when to pay their bills. And two, their account balances so that they don’t go under certain minimums that result in monthly fees.”

The team also found the most used existing application for couples to manage their finances together is spreadsheets — hence spying an opportunity to build something better.

“If financial literacy is bad in this country, spreadsheet literacy is almost as bad,” says park. “18 per cent of couples that we surveyed are using spreadsheets. And it was 3x over any other app or service. And so we’re setting out to build a better alternative to these spreadsheets that couples are co-managing.”

“If nothing else we’re automatically updating your balances and activity, whereas a spreadsheet can’t do that,” he adds.

A key friction point the app aims to address is to enable users to choose how much information they share.

“One of the hesitation points that we saw in a lot of the couples was that they didn’t necessary want to argue about the little things,” he explains. “Did you take Uber vs Lyft, The number one argument we read in a study was over frivolous purchases. So a lot of couples said that they want to goal set and plan but they don’t necessarily want to argue about did they make frivolous purchases. So one of the features we allow you to is we allow you to track your account balances but choose what you want to share.

“So you can choose which accounts you want to share, you can choose whether you just want to share the balance only. Or whether you also want to share activity and transactions as well.”

“We looked at… existing tools like Mint.com and others, and they are generally not collaborative in nature,” he adds. “One of the friction points for a lot of couples is choosing what they want to share with each other. Choosing how much of their finances that they want to delegate vs collaborate on.”

The Honeydue app soft launched on iOS in late January and Android in March. They have around 20,000 registered users at this point. The app is currently US-only.

“We skew female, I believe it’s 60 per cent. Which makes us relatively unique relative to other personal finance apps,” he adds.

“What’s interesting is from a generational perspective and a behavioral perspective we’re seeing that Millennials are more likely to co-manage their finances together as opposed to my

with a new focus on lifelogging

Swarm has been through a lot of changes since it launched in May 2014.

The app, which originally debuted as a social utility to let people check-in to locations and meet up with their friends, has since shifted to a gamified location-sharing app. Today, the
company is looking to revamp the app once again, with a new focus on lifelogging.

So much of our lives is now contained within searchable data. We store our memories in Instagram and Facebook, revisit our years-old micro-thoughts on Twitter, track our health with apps

like Clue and FitBit, and the list goes on and on. Swarm, with the launch of version 5.0, wants to be the best at telling you about where you’ve been in the real world.

That starts with a brand new home page, simplifying the app considerably. The old Swarm launched you into a page with five tabs at the bottom and two tabs at the top, offering the ability
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to look at your own check-ins as well as the check-ins of your friends.

Now, the home screen has just three tabs: Me, Check-in, and My Friends.

“Historically, our biggest challenge has been to make things simpler as opposed to more complex,” said Foursquare cofounder and Executive Chairman Dennis Crowley. “It’s very easy to

continue adding features, but we challenged ourselves to remove 70 percent of the complexity from the app so that users can understand it right away.”

Swarm 5.0 launches directly into the profile (Me) tab, with an interactive map at the top showing you exactly where you’ve been. At a glance, I can see that I’ve been to 671 places

across 77 categories, making up a total of 1,277 check-ins.
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Below the map, you’ll find your own timeline of events, including who was there with you and how many coins you received. More importantly, however, the profile page offers a fantastic

search tool. Users can search by friends they checked in with, city, category, or even the type of restaurant.

Here are the companies

Eventually, the company wants to start brokering partnerships between brands and artists for branded sticker packs. For now, however, MojiLaLa is focused on scaling the platform and expanding the engineering team.

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Verizon Ventures and R/GA are kicking off the first round of their digital media “venture studio” and unveiling the first lineup of startups.

The program was announced back in March, with the goal of helping Verizon find innovation in media and advertising. The company says startups will be connecting — and potentially partnering with — its teams at Oath (the digital media organization that owns TechCrunch), Go90, FiOS and elsewhere.

The venture studio will operate out of Verizon’s new Alley co-working space in New York City. The startups will receive $100,000 in funding, and will participate in a demo day when the program ends in November.

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Here are the companies:

Ad Lightning offers monitoring software that notifies publishers of potentially harmful advertising.

cognitiveVR helps brands and marketers record and analyze their virtual reality content, and to poll their users about the experience.

GankStars is a mobile-first esports organization, with teams in Vainglory, Critical Ops and other titles.

Imposium uses dynamic rendering to create marketing videos that are personalized to each user.

ScoreStream is a platform for crowdsourced content around high school and local sports.

Streamroot offers distribution tools to large online video broadcasters.

YouFind is abreast of the trend on WeChat Marketing,Weibo and Baidu optimisation. From account setup to content development,is surely a great help.

Transmit.Live allows customers to send live video to multiple destinations and to promote their livestreams.

Vidrovr is a video search startup focused on helping news organizations surface relevant content in their video libraries.

“We look forward to bringing R/GA’s award-winning services together with Verizon Ventures to help the chosen startup companies achieve meaningful scale,” said Stephen plumlee, R/GA Global Chief Operating Officer and Managing partner of R/GA Ventures, in the announcement.

This is stone in stone

This is stone in stone

In the early Ming and qing dynasty furniture, stone saw into the board, used as the table surface heart, screen and screen or the screen of the arhat bed and the door heart of the cabinet door. Latter because stone material component is heavy, appropriate is used as a door heart only.

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Huang hua Ming museum marble case screen

Foot-stool, sit pier and chair, though sometimes with tablets, but not as good as clear pattern furniture, especially the extensive pattern furniture as common (the visitors of extensive pattern furniture, multi-purpose served heart, this should be related to the local heat).

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As for the stone used for furniture in the early period of Ming and qing dynasties, what we know and can know is less than wood. Generally, it is only named according to its design and color Cochrane review.

Marble with black or grey-green or brown-yellow motifs in white zones, as well as white stone, violet stone, green stone, bluestone, Yellowstone and variegated stone, etc.

This type of office Partition is somewhat similar to the portable partition. It gives you full enclosure such as the floor-to-ceiling partition. You can open the partition in a number of ways.

In fact, „marble“ can be both broad and narrow. Its broad sense is equivalent to the aragonite, has been used in the decoration of implements since ancient times for the aragonite, and aragonite is commonly known as the marble. (this saying is created from zhang hongzhao’s shiya. His conclusion has been clarified through literature textual research, origin investigation and scientific analysis, which is basically in line with the reality.)

We’re very fortunate here that our paths crossed

Raymond Terrace, just north of Newcastle in New South Wales, is an unlikely place to find one of Australia’s leading advocates of rightwing education policy.

It is a town with a long history of social disadvantage, a high proportion of public housing tenants and an unemployment rate that fluctuates with the fortunes of the coalmines farther up the Hunter Valley, but it is also where Jennifer Buckingham has perhaps made her biggest impact.
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Buckingham, a senior research fellow in education policy at the conservative Centre for Independent Studies thinktank and a leading advocate for private and charter school education, chose Raymond Terrace public school when her two daughters entered primary school in 2008.

Like the rest of the town, it’s a school dealing with entrenched social disadvantage; 64% of its students are from the bottom socioeconomic quartile and a fifth are Indigenous, two key indicators of lower academic outcomes.

“The catchment we draw from includes a lot of kids coming from public housing, and students with itinerant backgrounds,” principal John picton says. “A lot of our students come into school without very much, if any, prior learning in their background. That’s a challenge for a school, particularly from a funding point of view.”

So Buckingham decided to get involved. In 2010, she began working with Kevin Wheldall and Robyn Beaman, two education researchers from Macquarie University who developed MultiLit, a phonics-based intervention education program for kids who are struggling to learn to read.

The researchers began working in the school, while Buckingham completed her phD on literacy and social disadvantage drawing her research data from the school.
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The results, picton says, were dramatic.

“I think in a lot of reading programs there is an assumption that students come into school with a language base,” he says. “But the research shows that kids from a low socio-economic background often come in with very limited vocabulary, less of an existing word, and that’s where MultiLit helped.”

Between 2008 and 2013 Raymond Terrace public saw its Naplan reading scores lift dramatically, from level-pegging with similar schools in the area to well ahead of the other primary schools in the town.

Those scores have dipped again somewhat in recent years, but picton puts that down to the funding for the intervention program drying up – his enthusiasm for Buckingham and phonics instruction remains undimmed.

“We’re very fortunate here that our paths crossed,” picton says.

He isn’t alone. Buckingham’s influence – and as a result, the influence of the CIS – in Australian education policy debates has steadily increased under the Coalition. phonics has been at the centre of that influence.

The debate surrounding the use of phonics in Australian classrooms has taken on a new, more urgent significance since the release last year of a government-commissioned report that recommended the introduction of a mandatory “check” on children’s phonics progress in their second year of schooling.

The report, published by an expert panel led by Buckingham, called for the “light touch” check to be a mirror of the model introduced in the UK in 2012.

The check, which takes between five and seven minutes and is administered by a teacher, tests students’ ability to sound out a mix of 40 real and made up words.

While the education minister, Simon Birmingham, publicly backed the plan in September last year, it was variously embraced and rejected by divided sections of the education community.
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In January the Victorian opposition leader, Matthew Guy, announced that if elected his government would make phonics instruction mandatory, with a check introduced in the first grade and Buckingham would be appointed to review Victoria’s curriculum.

Then, last week, the South Australian Labor government announced it would do the same after trialling the check in about 50 primary schools last year.

Announcing the decision the SA education minister, Susan Close, said the trial had shown the phonics check was “easy to carry out, children enjoy doing it and teachers find the results useful”.

The majority of kids with reading difficulties don’t have dyslexia, they just haven’t been taught properly

Jennifer Buckingham

“The screening check is also an extra tool for teachers to use alongside their judgment and training to help children develop their reading skills,” she said.

On Twitter, Birmingham congratulated Close for making the phonics check “bipartisan policy”, a statement which raises an important question: why wasn’t phonics already a bipartisan policy, and what about it divides educators along ideological lines?